About Me

That's me!

Click here for my Professional Background (it's a fun read too).

I'm Anchalee (anne-cha-lee) Pagsanjan (pag-san-jan). It's actually a lot easier to pronounce than it looks. I'm a sophomore studying Communications and Entrepreneurship. Although my major and minor don't have anything to do with technology, I would love to dive into that industry.

I'm a silly young go-getter. If there was an opportunity to make a pun, I'll take it. I say I'm pretty funny. When I'm surrounded by my friends and family, they are always usually laughing. Then again, I still have to figure out whether they are laughing at my jokes . . . or me. 

They say I'm always enthusiastic and outgoing. I had a doctor's appointment once and my doctor thought it was unusual I was so happy and "excited" at 5 o'clock. She said most people are tired and irritated when it comes to the end of the work day. She also said it was refreshing and contagious. I guess I'm refreshing and contagious.

I love learning, discovering, and exploring everything! If I can study all the majors here at Rutgers University, I probably would (that would mean I would be in college forever - so probably not). I do believe that one should never stop learning. You should never settle. Complacency is never a thing. There so much to see and discover. I used to walk around aimlessly around New York City everyday after I left my internship. I didn't have a specific place I wanted to go. I just walked and let what sparked my interest guide me. 

I want to make a change in the world. Seriously. I know everyone says that but I really want to do it. And I feel like I'm on the right path. So come follow me on my journey. 

Fun Facts:
  • I hate when I have to come up with a fun fact for icebreakers. 
  • I customized my free Blogger Template myself!
  • I'm a wanna-be web designer.
  • I like to type up my essays and posts on Tumblr first. I feel more inspired there.
  • I do a daily learning game on this app called "Elevate." I actually really enjoy it.
  • I have the Dictionary app on my phone and I try to use the word of the day at least once that day.
  • I'm lowkey a 5-star chef.
  • I'm highkey a 5-star eater.
  • I have an intense love for Prosperity Dumpling's $1 dumplings. They are a gift from the foodie gods. Plus, they are $1 for 4 fried pork and chive juicy dumplings.
  • Writing that fun fact made me really crave them.
  • Can't think of anymore fun facts because I'm only thinking about those dumplings.

Contact Me

Feel free to talk to me on any of my social media platforms! I always reply back.


Business Inquiries Only: 
Email me at anchpags@gmail.com
Phone number by request.